Residents nominate 50 places to protect

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After just one week, residents of Birmingham nominate 50 community places that matter to them on the website.

This is the first step in the process to protect community places. Community groups or residents can then apply to officially protect community places from 'fire sales'. This gives residents the time to put forward alternatives that could see them run or own places near them.

Today, residents have also officially applied to protect Birmingham Town Hall in City Centre. The Town Hall is a historic arts and culture venue operated by the B:Music charity and owned by Birmingham City Council. By applying to register the Town Hall as an "asset of community value", the council will be blocked from selling the asset for at least six months, forcing them to consider community or co-operative solutions instead of a 'fire sale' that would leave residents worse off.

Over the coming weeks, the Save Birmingham campaign will work with partners to support residents to officially protect and develop positive solutions for community places across the city.

(Photo credit: Mat Fascione)

Birmingham Town Hall, credit Mat Fascione