Unprecedented cross-party support for Save Birmingham campaign

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Save Birmingham campaign unites all political parties to protect community places in a key vote at Birmingham City Council on 7 November. This comes after fears that 'bankrupt' Birmingham City Council would launch a 'fire sale' of much-loved buildings and assets.

The 'unprecedented' cross-party support comes just weeks after the council's emergency meeting, which was dominated by party politics and blame games, as commissioners took over the running of Birmingham City Council.

Councillors unanimously backed a motion committing to protect heritage, cultural and community places and to work with the new Save Birmingham campaign. The motion was proposed by the Conservatives, amended by Labour and the Liberal Democrats, and supported by the Greens after a full debate.

This follows over 1,000 residents signing up to support the campaign and identifying over 100 places that they care about on the savebirmingham.org website. The campaign will shortly register these places for official protection while developing positive community-based solutions.

Jeevan Jones, one of the founders of the Save Birmingham campaign said:

"We're delighted to get cross-party support for the Save Birmingham campaign this week.

"It's almost unbelievable after the council chamber was full of party politics and blame games only a matter of weeks ago.

"Our positive campaign has managed to unite all political parties around protecting our community places from a 'fire sale'.

"The motion has passed with unprecedented cross-party support. Now the ball is in the court of the council and the commissioners. We are willing and waiting to work with them.

"Working with communities and partners, we can help them to protect community places through co-operative solutions that will both save money and make residents better off."

Birmingham City Council Chamber